Terry Cloth Bathtime Puppet

Image Buy some terrycloth and make some bathtime puppets Cut two ears to flop and shape of the dog... used zigzag stitch made a little wider and made it closer together and stitched the sides and the ears between the folds of the top... the face was also just a zigzag before I sew the two sides together. The eyes were hand embroidered... FUN FUN FUN

Sewalongwithkitty-Simple Rod Pocket Curtains

 The Sheers Three times the rod width for Volume Rod 47 plus 2 inch return to the wall =51  and 2 1/2 inch turn unders on the sheer panel.  It will be just one panel... width of sheer batiste fabric is 118, so can just make one panel of 1 width and the yardage is the length of the curtain plus turn under at top (4 inches) and the hem which is just a double 2 or 4 inches for the hem. The curtains we are making 63 finished so the sheer should be shorter, I will use 60 finished , so that will be 60 +4 top + 4 hem... so 68 will be the cut for the sheers and just one panel should be enough for each window..  This is alcove curtain with 1 width of sheer. Alcove Window with additional half panel Simple Rod Pocket Curtains 1. Establish the width and length. If you want to be able to open your curtains so the full width of your window is exposed, your rod needs to be 10 inches beyond the window frame on each side.   If you are going to put a valance above your curtains than you need to put the

SewalongwithKitty Toss pillows

  Sew some Knife Edge pillows.  This means there are just two pieces of fabric sewn together without any trim or welting in between.  This is a knife edge look.  There are templates that can be purchased that give you an outline of shaped pillows.  They can be square, rectangle or circular, but if there is no welting in the seam, or trim and the two sides front and back are just sewn together-zipper or not.  That is knife edge.  Just two sides sewn together. These are knife edge, but the fur or long minky shows around the edges from the back piece. Typical shapes are square, lumbar rectangular, and round bolster lumbar.  We carry inserts in many different size squares, and lumbars in round and rectangular 6x12 in both hypoallergenic (polyfil) or Down (feather) filled.  Down costs more than polyfil.  I am just going to show you sewing knife edge pillows together.  I usually put an invisible zipper in at the bottom of the pillows cover. There are a couple of ways t

SewalongwithKitty Tote Bag

Future Sewalong Blogs.... Slight Delay- Nice camera fell in the       lake 1.  How to make a simple pillow with zipper. 2.  How to make a simple quilt or wall hanging. 3.  How to make simple placemats with applique. For a thorough class on how to sew from the beginner check out the classes on Go to the stores website and click on the banner where it says CLASSES   Tote Bag- Money Bag Taking you through the steps so you can make one too.  Any fabric will do.  This was just a small piece I had laying there.  You can make your bags larger or smaller.   You can put a zipper in the top so it zips close.  I will take you through the steps of that at another time.   I am just going to post some simple things to get you rolling.  I love my tote bags. On these two, I only have one strap which is adjustable with D-rings.   Actually, today I am using it to go take the laundry out to wash... Tomorrow it may be Grocery Bag and the next day maybe a Fabric Bag.  Can never