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Meetup 3 Out of Order Review Sleeveless Dress and Tank

  Sleeveless Dress and Tank Boatneck - and some easy Patterns This was my second sleeveless style dress QUICK and easy. Same as the dress to the ankles, but shortened to a tank length. 3/4 yard for tank, 1 3/4 for dress and enough for a scarf of same as dress.  1 1/4 yard for leggings or tubins or stretch pants....2.5 for the FreeFlowing Jacket of Chiffon This is for 56-60 inch wide fabric. This pattern comes with pattern pieces to put a fabric trim at the neck and sleeves.  Depending on the fabric print, I usually don't do this kind of trim, but it can be cute.  If you don't want the trim and your fabric is a drapey matte jersey or a type of knit like sport lycra, just turn under and top stitch. This one I only turned under the edges and top stitched. If you use a pattern for a boatneck dress, be sure to check where it comes on your chest.  It might hit you lower than is flattering. ****Note This Dress I did the fabric trim at sleeves and neckline and even carried it to the bo

Meetup 4 FreeFlowing Jackets for Satisfied Sewists at GStreetFabrics

                              FreeFlowing Jackets   Quick and Easy Can be made from Chiffon for light and flowy or even make the long length and have a semi-asymmetrical CoatDress Jacket I shorten this jacket pattern by about 4-5 inches.  This places the jacket in the back to just below the hip line. These jackets can be used as bathing suit coverups or just as  accents to outfits. We have current Pattern Books for Vogue and McCalls at We are following this pattern at the moment, but you can use this by straightening the front edge and the lower level to square and make cardigans out of sweater fabric etc.  Makes a great basis for making basic jackets without complication. This is a Vintage Pattern, but You can always buy vintage patterns or past season patterns by searching by company and pattern number or just putting in a style and you will get many choices on Ebay or Etsy or Amazon .  Make sure they are uncut-they may say used, but then in the body they will say

Meetup 2 Bonus Crop Top to match Pants with pockets

  I am doing a quick crop top from the extra fabric from the pants. It was from the 2.97 'Treasure Hunt'  Room so I said I will take all.... Now I am using it all. There are 4 pieces to this top.  A front and back piece and two lining pieces. Only have 4 pieces   Pattern piece for back place on fold and Pattern piece for lining place on fold Pattern piece for Front place on Fold and Front lining place on fold This is showing the Front Piece cut out and the lining piece cut out and there is a pin at the dart point on both sides of front and then I clip the dots where the fold is on the side seam.  This is quick and easy for me to just fold and sew.  Here the pieces are laid together and ready to sew.  Actually I press them well before sewing This is the back piece with the lining piece laid on top the way it will be sewn.  Clips at all dots.  This is sewn at seam lines but stopped at dots at top shoulder so when you flip, you can open the shoulder top to sew the front to the bac

Meetup 2-Straight Leg Pants with Pockets and elastic waist-2nd Sewing Meetup-Using GStreetFabrics

  Step by Step Pants with Pocket  2nd Sewing Meetup Review This pattern style, any pattern with elastic waist and pockets works like this. 1. Open Pattern and review your measurements vs the pattern sizing measurements. Tools you should have around to use when needed. Typical pattern tissue piece-all pieces on one pattern paper piece Cut around pattern pieces and be ready to place on fabric to pin All in the same direction/grain line on pattern parallel to selvage. Before you put your pattern pieces on your fabric, you can double check your measurements against the pattern pieces. Measure down 9 inches from your waist.  Is that your widest measure?.... Then measure the pattern piece on the front 9inches down.  Multiply times 4 and is that the same as your measurement? Measure the finished length you want the pants.  Measure the pattern piece and add about 2 inches for the hem and 1 and 3/8 for the top waistband turn under.  I use a double 1" and do a machine hem with a blind hem s

Meetup 1-New Day New Looks Beginner Wardrobes-Rockville Sewing Ideas for You- Meetup Group 1-Online

  The First Meetup Review- Easy one piece pants First Let's get Familiar with Kittys Schedule: I get home from work about 8-8:30pm  collapse or eat drink coffee and blog.   Most often, if I cut out one thing from a pattern, I will cut 3 out at a time by pinning the 3 fabrics on top of each other and cutting through all three at once.   If I am quilting, I use an Accuquilt cutter, so I can get the cutting done faster and have more pieces done.  You don't have to do these things, but I want you to understand what I am doing and I don't talk on the phone.  From a young age, I noticed the women that did all that talking on the phone, never got anything done.  Whatever makes you happy!   I feel good about myself when I produce something.  I also like to make my gifts, and that makes me happy. Almost everyday, I wear a different outfit that is simple, but goes together, that I have made the night before or the weekend before. I kayak, and Pedalboard, whenever I can on my days off