Meetup 3 Out of Order Review Sleeveless Dress and Tank

 Sleeveless Dress and Tank Boatneck - and some easy Patterns

This was my second sleeveless style dress QUICK and easy.

Same as the dress to the ankles, but shortened to a tank length.

3/4 yard for tank, 1 3/4 for dress and enough for a scarf of same as dress.  1 1/4 yard for leggings or tubins or stretch pants....2.5 for the FreeFlowing Jacket of Chiffon

This is for 56-60 inch wide fabric.

This pattern comes with pattern pieces to put a fabric trim at the neck and sleeves.  Depending on the fabric print, I usually don't do this kind of trim, but it can be cute.  If you don't want the trim and your fabric is a drapey matte jersey or a type of knit like sport lycra, just turn under and top stitch.

This one I only turned under the edges and top stitched.

If you use a pattern for a boatneck dress, be sure to check where it comes on your chest.  It might hit you lower than is flattering.

****Note This Dress I did the fabric trim at sleeves and neckline and even carried it to the bottom of the dress... this is what it looks like-just the same fabric cut in a strip and sewn on the edge pulled under and then sewn up as if it was a little hand inside.

I usually make my boat neck come higher than a pattern hits.  In other words, you can shorten the neck length at the shoulders.

I can make one of these dresses and a freeflowing jacket in one night and wear the next day to work...  Makes me want to get up just to wear it the first time.  I make the earrings and scarf first to inspire me to do the rest of the outfit.

This pattern is really quick and easy, but the back is cut in at the sleeves-hard to wear undergarments without them showing and it is a deep boatneck... so I end up cutting the back like the previous sleeveless pattern and I get a print in Matte Jersey for the dress and a solid for the tie jacket.  The jacket has no interfacings so it is just a front and back and sleeves.  Edges are just turned and and top stitched-so quick jacket for a breezy night at the beach.


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