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Simple Beach Dress and Jacket

  Okay, bad me, went to the beach on short notice and took my lightweight Brother Sewing Machine and a bunch of fabric from my stash This worked perfectly. Uncut in width of fabric wrapped around, top folded over a piece of elastic, then attached two wide straps over the shoulder top to the height I wanted the dress to cover. The bottom straps hanging down are elastic covered with the same fabric attached to the side seams so the dress is held down when the big beach wind blows, but still easy to slip off to use the bathroom facilities... Now I needed to be covered all over so the sun would not burn me.  I took two pieces the folded over length I wanted the jacket. I folded it over sewn under around the upper top neckline.  So the opening of the foldover jacket is turned under and topstitched Turned under ends and top stitched to make the length to my wrists... folded over and stitched the edge shut to an opening  that would be able to put my arms in and it would look like a jacket

Make a T-Shirt Dress

  This is a Tshirt Dress made from ready made T-shirts This is 3 Large tiedyed Tshirts. I had my daughter tiedye the shirts color that I wanted so all three would be the same. You can see colors of things you can have dyed by my daughter Cara If you sign in to your facebook account, you can go to Caras site and see the different colors and different kind of things you can have dyed. T-shirt one is the top of the dress, I did cut the t-neckline and turn it under with a slice down the front to give a different neckline and then turned under the edge and sewn down. T-shirt 2 is the middle of the dress. T shirt 3 is the long sleeves and the extra fabric left from the sleeves add on to the length so I had a full length T shirt dress