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Baby Set for Tummy Time play

  Rattle Crinkle toys Supplies Leftover minkie and Polar Fleece to make small stuffed noisy things Pre embroidered patch  Some Bells, rattles, crinkle paper Elastic to put inside of wristband handle material swatch to make a handle or grabber Baby liked it!

I Spy-Concentration Game Using Cute Buttons

  Simple Fun I Spy-Concentration Game Using Cute Buttons A piece of Cotton twice as wide as your little game board The fabric will end up being folded over and a tube to insert the cardboard in - after sewing the buttons in place under your felt strips that have been sewn on the front half through the fabric and batting. Some Felt to cut in strips and sewn on the front of your game A piece of cardboard for your stiffness A double piece of quilt batting the size of your game board front 2 of every button to make it available to play concentration I ended up doing 6 rows so it would be even number of buttons For Brother and Sister in the backseat of car I did a different one for both Hers-Pink His Green After Hand sewing the buttons through the front and quilt batting Clip the felt in flaps so they can be lifted up individually For age group learning numbers and letters you can either applique-glue fabric, felt, or foam numbers and/ or letters The cardboard will make it stiff to use on t