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Meetup 7 Accessorizing Your Total Outfits

  MASKS, SCRUNCHIES, EARRINGS, PURSES, CLUTCHES, SHOES... ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES No One wants to Wear a mask, But why not have fun with it! We sell a variety of chains by the yard... great to add to a jacket front pocket or purse as handle or just a little drape of a tiny chain. Don't forget earrings-dangly chains are great with a matching necklace chain... you go girl!... well, anyone, for that matter. In this pic, I used leftover fabric to make a purse to match a tote bag and a coat. I wear a mask, my mom is 99 and I live at her house. My masks have elastic ear loops, whatever I have handy, nicer if softer elastic and big, then an adjustable button to make it tight or loose. When I make them I also make a second casing on the sides where the ear elastic is so I can put a neck hanger if I want to. This is from the original hospital posting of how to make a facemask. This is a semblance of the masks I make, but I use a second row of stitching next to where the elastic is through on

Meetup 6 Long Hoodie Coverup Robe

  Long Hoodie Coverup Robe Meetup 6 Okay, I am thinking I will line the Hoodie and front lapels with the same fabric.  The pattern actually called for 2 sided or reversible fabric, but I only wanted lightweight so it would be good as a chilly beach coverup, or too chill indoors robe. Side pockets were good. You can see the difference where I have taken the leftover fleece and lined the inside of the hood and down to the lapels so it looks nice and feels nice when the hood is on or laying flat.  Makes a big difference, in looking home made or not. Matching dress and cardigan fabrics Front kimono type edging is lined with flat batting I had handy to keep edges still soft and cozy but flexible.  That worked! With Accessories-Infinity Scarf and Earrings Lush and Cozy-So lightweight and soft Hoodie I put a cord in that I had laying around from facemask hangers and added a lock toggle I purchased from Gstreetfabrics. I purchased 4 pairs of toggles in different colors to keep me on a roll wit

Easy Tie Jacket with bathing suit and Coverup-Details Meetup 5

  Materials from GSTREETFABRICS-St Matte Jersey for Jacket and Dress and Spandex for One Piece Bathing Suit The Tie Jacket in the other pattern will be the red. Both are Stretch matte jersey. Someone gave me some Jade and red stone jewelry, so I had to buy fabric so I could use the jewelry. This Tie Jacket from  McCalls M6559 The Jacket-view B is only Front and Back with sleeves Piece So we are working with 3 pieces Long Jacket B View is MY preferance-shrug is cut too. I will make B if I have enough Fabric. The dress will be the one I like to make best because the arms don't cut in. It will be the sleeveless dress from 2189 This will be the print... Make the Earrings to Motivate you to do the outfit Covered Buttons kit to buy from Gstreetfabrics Instructions on the back of the kit Make the scarves-Now you have a set - real motivation Total set of scarves and earrings to motivate you Jacket Pieces all cut out Sew your sleeves together so you can feel real progress Jacket laid out to