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Meetup 12 Easy Kimono Jacket without pattern -approx 2 yds -pretty drapey fabric

Easy Kimono over Sunrise red tank top with Black Easy Elastic Pants. Easy Kimono style jacket Over simple straight pullover dress.   First cut front and back Second cut sleeves I am going to sew these pieces using this method from my stash! Floral kimono with black banding over red lace pullover top. Floral Kimono with Green banding and green blouse. The orange will be a blouse to wear under this quick kimono that is already made!

Meetup 15 Short coat Simple but warm

Loving Everything about this Coat Love Everything about this coat Cuff end sleeves Fur lined pockets Sunback Coat lining Microfiber Suede accents Suede Elbow Patches Toggle front Buttons All From GSTREETFABRICS Accessory Fur Scarf with muff pocket ends for Blustery cold mornings The finished jacket has black suede elbow patches and black leather triangle loop toggles I am loving the fabric on this jacket and originally, I was not going to line it, but I am lining it with Black sunback Satin fleece backed coat lining, because I will want to wear it lots. I also made a long furry scarf to throw over my shoulder. On the black and white one, I used black microfiber suede for the pockets and turned a piece of the same shape of the fur facing in so it would make them extra warm for my hands. I made the lapels regular but cut an extra piece of microfiber suede and attached it to the lapel piece for the black accent. I bought regular cuffs at work and just stitched them on so I would have a sl

Simple Sleeveless Dress

  A Simple Sleeveless Dress-Quick and Easy The above dress is Sport Lycra-same as a bathing suit I have made many of these dresses out of Matte Jersey Also My kayaking outfits are Sport Lycra, but for a simple throw over your head boatneck style swimsuit coverup, the same style in a light matte jersey is terrific. Favorite Pattern Good for simple dress or Tank Top Sometimes I do a bias strip around the neckline and sleeve holes, but many times I just grab some fabric and make a quick pretty dress out of stash fabric and wear with one of my freeflowing jackets The neckline and sleeve edge is just turned under and topstitched. The hem is just turned under 1/2 inch twice and topstitched. The longest thing is cutting it out, and that doesn't take long. A Tie Jacket like this is quick and easy and just lite matte jersey with edges turned under and topstitched.  Great to pack in case you have a cool night on vacation.

Sewing Easy Sweaters Regular neck, Mock Neck, Turtle Neck- In Between Meetups

  Stopped to do some sweaters, so I wouldn't be chilly at work Remember - Total Outfits... Earrings and scarves complete the total compliment This style is a very quick and easy pattern. No, I don't serge, I finish the seams with an overcast stitch. This is the full turtleneck collar, stitch on the front side bottom seam of collar right side to right side - flip in and turn under then top stitch. Here is what it is like when done- just fold down and wear. Front Back and 2 sleeves, plus the collar.. quick I cut a scarf out of the leftovers-long tube with slanted ends, and covered buttons for earrings. Added this Freeflowing jacket I had cut out already, that matched. Pink Pants I had previously made and the Total outfit was done to wear to work.  I did add a burgundy scarf to the two scarves that matched the jacket and the sweater, and voila...pulled it all together. and a last minute matching facemask Well, I had green fingernail polish and some jewelry. I have another lovely j

Meetup 9 Simple shrug jacket and Fancy top

  Simple Over the head top to go under fancy shrugs for Stage lighting. It does work! Just a little tryon to make sure it lays nicely. I had to make sure it would work for her! This is lightweight sequin fabric, but lined with lightweight black chiffon. Needed a little something more so Added fringe All bought at GstreetFabrics The Pattern-Simple and Easy Used this trim around the neckline Used this fringe around the outside This came to the elbow and I did a stitch up part way to give arm defining and made sure it gave room to play the guitar.