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SewalongwithKitty Tote Bag

Future Sewalong Blogs.... Slight Delay- Nice camera fell in the       lake 1.  How to make a simple pillow with zipper. 2.  How to make a simple quilt or wall hanging. 3.  How to make simple placemats with applique. For a thorough class on how to sew from the beginner check out the classes on Go to the stores website and click on the banner where it says CLASSES   Tote Bag- Money Bag Taking you through the steps so you can make one too.  Any fabric will do.  This was just a small piece I had laying there.  You can make your bags larger or smaller.   You can put a zipper in the top so it zips close.  I will take you through the steps of that at another time.   I am just going to post some simple things to get you rolling.  I love my tote bags. On these two, I only have one strap which is adjustable with D-rings.   Actually, today I am using it to go take the laundry out to wash... Tomorrow it may be Grocery Bag and the next day maybe a Fabric Bag.  Can never