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Comparing Polar Fleece Blankets and Pillow Edges

  Here are three types of fringes on Polar Fleece Toss Pillows- All three of these pillows are NO SEW, but lots of cutting-Need sharp scissors or Rotary Cutter 1. short fringe, pull through-I used a seam ripper for little hole-regular square hypoallergenic pillow insert from -14 inch I cut the squares for each side 15 +4 and 4=19 inch The fringe was 5 inches in on all sides leaving. 2. was a 12 x 6 round lumbar regular insert.  This one is regular knotted fringe 3. was a 12 x6 rectangular lumbar.  This one was a long pull through to give a braided long woven edge all around of the contrasting side color. Your cover material will be the fringe length x 2 plus the size of the pillow insert minus 2, so the insert will fill out the material to the fringe. 2 This is a Fringer tool, it has slots for rotary cutters.  Not Necessary, but if you are going to make a lot of blankets with long fringes to tie-this is very helpful and makes the fringes uniform.  Without this

Easy Braided Edge Polar Fleece No Sew Blanket and Pillow

  Please Press the crease out of your polar Fleece at the flat piece stage-Much Easier  Also, this could have used a 16 inch pillow insert , instead of a 14 inch and there would not be a fold in the corner Pillow square size minus the part we will use for fringe braid. On this braid, we are using cut out a 2 inch square at each corner, because our fringe to braid will be 2 inches long.  A Ruler of some type is useful, or use the grid on the edge of your self healing mat which you use under a rotary cutter.  This fringe I just cut in 2 inches at 1 inch intervals.  On the blanket, I may try a wider fringe edge. After cutting out the 2 inch square from corners, then cut fringe and the fold up each fringe and snip in the center.  Do not make the snip too big.  Just a snip big enough to pull the next fringe piece over through. You will snip both pieces of fringe in the center. And when you pull through you are doing both pieces at the same time Start from the right to left direction and the

Easy Fringe No sew Fleece Blanket Long Pull Through Fringe

  More Intermediate sewing on This is the method where you slip the fringe through the top of itself.  THIS IS NOT QUICK!. Easy you can do while watching a movie.   I used this template purchased at GSTREETFABRICS   where I work a few days a week.  One piece of patterned fleece one piece of solid fleece the same size and a rotary cutter and this template.  You also need a self-healing matt so you don't cut through to your table or bedspread etc.  You can see here I have a folded cardboard tabletop with a self-healing mat and then the two fabrics I am cutting. First lay your two fabrics on top of each other and make sure they are cut to the same size. Second cut out a five inch square corner on all for corners Cut out the corners out in this case 5 " Cut the Strips  1 1/2 wide or 3 slots in Fringe cutter 5" in Poke a hole with your Seam ripper slightly elongated to allow to pull the corner through. In this case I made the fringe strips 1 1

Easy Musical Tote for Your favorite Jams with kids

  Musical Tote for keeping all your Small Instruments Supplies from Musical Quilting Cotton Print Red Vinyl to match print from Flat Fold Table Clear Plastic Vinyl from Vinyl Wall Cut Your Print the size you want your tote, cut your clear plastic the same size as the cotton and sew the two together around the edge. Make your outside tote and then make your vinyl red vinyl tote 2 inches bigger so you can fold it over the top edge and buy 1 quarter yard bigger colored vinyl so you can cut the piece to fold into two straps. Meeting all the little grandchildren at the Beach What better than a Video Jam with all of us, so simple instruments everyone can use for your music and if you have someone that plays the guitar for background you are in like Flint. Fill the bag with simple instruments... maybe an old darning egg with some empty spools attached - I will make one and attach different things for different sounds and other small instruments anyone can make a beat o