Easy Musical Tote for Your favorite Jams with kids


Musical Tote for keeping all your Small Instruments

Supplies from www.Gstreetfabrics.com

Musical Quilting Cotton Print
Red Vinyl to match print from Flat Fold Table
Clear Plastic Vinyl from Vinyl Wall

Cut Your Print the size you want your tote, cut your clear plastic the same size as the cotton and sew the two together around the edge.
Make your outside tote and then make your vinyl red vinyl tote 2 inches bigger so you can fold it over the top edge and buy 1 quarter yard bigger colored vinyl so you can cut the piece to fold into two straps.

Meeting all the little grandchildren at the Beach
What better than a Video Jam with all of us, so simple instruments everyone can use for your music and if you have someone that plays the guitar for background you are in like Flint.

Fill the bag with simple instruments... maybe an old darning egg with some empty spools attached - I will make one and attach different things for different sounds

and other small instruments anyone can make a beat or sound to the guitar players song

Here is the assembly in this bag

This is a mini Kalimba

or you could use a mbira drum with a small hammer tool

Or just make your own instruments from some kitchen objects that you can fit in your bag.... fun for the kids to recognize and make sounds


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