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Pajama pants from Easy-to-sew Simplicity Pattern

 Easy to Sew  Simplicity 8389 Using for Pajama pants Making baggy leg pants to go with Baggy Top I have this nice soft cotton knit with bicycles on it.  I made the top for the Pajamas by cutting accross the fabric folded over long enough to be the front where I wanted it and that was the front and back... held it up to be the right length and folded the two pieces over making a slanted mark for the shoulders and then a scoop for the neckline slightly for the back piece and a little lower for the front.  This way when I hold  it up I know the front has a lower neckline than the back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

New Wardrobe No Pattern Rectangular Clothes

  Well, sad to say, have a problem, as usual Sewing will help New Dress-Soft fabric folded over twice make front and back Fold left over make two big rectangles for bell sleeves.  From GStreetfabrics Knit Shelves, on sale. 25% off and coupon on a weekend. Take small strip accross, make pockets, mask and earrings. Wanted a contrast, take a piece of black long strip and make a floppy soft drape collar and accent on sleeves.  Stash accents from Treasure Hunt Room.  2.97 yard. Might add a black strip to bottom==not sure yet. Wear to work! I don't have a closet so I have wreath hangers and sets of clothes, (total outfits on one hanger) many sets on one wreath Hanger.  Everything is out in the open in my small space.  Bed becomes table with one of those cardboard foldout cutting boards.  (So helpful)   Think about tomorrow work.  Make same style shirt for work out of silk.  Always earrings, sometimes mask.  Sometimes scarf.  This one I have a tight blouse made out of, but enough leftover

Easy Wrap SunDress or add sleeves and pullover head

  Something came up that now I need big sleeves on everything to cover my arms, but also to not touch my skin.  These are super comfy sleeves.   So when I first did this dress as a sleeveless strap sundress wrap, I made the big rectangle overlap about 5/8 of a yd.  No reason, I was just experimenting, but I did not want the wrap to come open, plus this was the size of the piece that I had pulled out of the Treasure Hunt room or the 2.97 room as we all call it differently. When I was originally creating the wrap dress, I just cut the piece to make the straps, and the rest, just hemmed all the way around and added the straps to fit where I could slip my arms through when I wrapped.  Now I needed these sleeves, so I just made a seam where it overlapped at the lower edge and cut off the excess after the seam.  This gave me the big rectangle to fold over and make two big sleeves.  I just turned under the edge and topstitched onto the strap areas.   As usual when I first make something, I ha