Easy Wrap SunDress or add sleeves and pullover head


Something came up that now I need big sleeves on everything to cover my arms, but also to not touch my skin.  These are super comfy sleeves.   So when I first did this dress as a sleeveless strap sundress wrap, I made the big rectangle overlap about 5/8 of a yd.  No reason, I was just experimenting, but I did not want the wrap to come open, plus this was the size of the piece that I had pulled out of the Treasure Hunt room or the 2.97 room as we all call it differently.

When I was originally creating the wrap dress, I just cut the piece to make the straps, and the rest, just hemmed all the way around and added the straps to fit where I could slip my arms through when I wrapped.  Now I needed these sleeves, so I just made a seam where it overlapped at the lower edge and cut off the excess after the seam.  This gave me the big rectangle to fold over and make two big sleeves.  I just turned under the edge and topstitched onto the strap areas.  

As usual when I first make something, I had made the straps, and had a long piece left from the piece I cut off, to make earrings, and a scarf and mask.   Now it was a dress with big sleeves, but I needed to close the sleeves off underneath, so I took the scarf apart with a seam ripper and cut in two and folded under the edges and top stitched onto the underneath of the sleeves where they were attached to the dress.      VOILA, a dress with big sleeves.  NO Pattern uses, just rectangles.  Where the dress overlapped at the top front I used a pin, to pull up the edge and give it a little design at the chest......

SIMPLE dress.   FROM WRAP SUNDRESS to Dress with big sleeves

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I now need to have big and baggy that does not touch my skin.  I have been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.  There is no cure, and no one can say how bad, how long, etc.  Happens to people over 70 or people in poor health, rare as in a few people in a million get it.  I am Special, as usual.   Well, I have had a broken neck and was told I would never be able to move again... 18 months paralysis and I managed to move again.  27 years ago, and I have tried to keep myself strong.  Then 8 years ago, I had a broken back.   I did let someone operate for that, and here I stand.  Now this one is an unknown, but I am drinking 11 glasses of water a day and doing my strength exercises.  So, maybe I will come out of this.   Remember, a positive mental attitude can do wonders.  And thank goodness I can so and make clothes that cover up what is happening and feel comfortable.

Let's now change our styles to Wrap Pants, Baggy triangular shirts, Rectangle soft baggy dresses and jackets.....

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