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Quick outfit-One Hour Pants

  These are truly one hour Pants I love how comfy they are and they have pockets Made the pants the night before work and made the tank to go with them before work. Made the bolo cord from the same fabric rolled and topstitched. I paired these pants with a Tank of a slinky  Knit. Slinky Knit - No pattern...  Just plain sleeveless Slinky knit and turned under edges topstitched. Making Freeflowing Jacket of Chiffon in Same deep red and tips of yellows. See you Then

Quick Easy Casual Dresses and outfits

  What can I make quickly? Simple sleeveless dresses-ankle length I love the beach... can stick my feet in the sand, but need to stay covered. Stretch matte Jersey makes nice simple flowy yet stretch dresses. Pockets in the side seam are always good. If you have some wide fabric==58 to 60 inches folding the fabric-once in on each side to center and then again fold in will end up with a front and back piece.  Just lower the neckline scoop a little more so you can tell front from back. I like to just make them long and wider at the bottom.  With knits you don't need darts, but you want the bottom to be wider so you can walk nicely without being like a penguin.  A slight slit gives you  alittle room, it can be made on one side, but to be classy, just make it the widest width at the bottom.  For Beach cover up, you can slit on both sides or one side as far as you feel comfortable. You can make this same way for a tank top and just make your front scoop lower or high