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Turtle neck sweater top-Palazzo Pants today and wear tomorrow- Meetups Have stopped but I have not

  Christmas is coming and I just couldn't do the meetups and My Normal life....     This is it...  Outfit today wear tomorrow. Slight drawback with my Pfaff sewing machines. I am using a 2nd from the bottom Brother. I bought this machine at the beach when it was pouring down rain, and I made a pair of pants, so it does work.  I just did the seam that is worn out in my pants that are probably ten years old, but I love them and they are black...It worked. I did the collar and the sweater middle, now I just need to sew the sleeves on and the hem.  I did this yesterday. in the morning. I just have to sew these sleeves on and the hem. It worked on this pants seam... I have more than one Pfaff, but I put off taking them to have them cleaned and realigned... Remember I sew at about 80 miles an hour everyday and night and well, frankly I am  not good on machines...sewing-cars-anything as Well, full time to stop. Just made this for my little grandson had to do a lot by hand wh