Turtle neck sweater top-Palazzo Pants today and wear tomorrow- Meetups Have stopped but I have not

 Christmas is coming and I just couldn't do the meetups and MyNormal life....  


This is it...  Outfit today wear tomorrow.

Slight drawback with my Pfaff sewing machines.

I am using a 2nd from the bottom Brother.

I bought this machine at the beach when it was pouring down rain, and I made a pair of pants, so it does work.  I just did the seam that is worn out in my pants that are probably ten years old, but I love them and they are black...It worked.

I did the collar and the sweater middle, now I just need to sew the sleeves on and the hem.  I did this yesterday. in the morning.

I just have to sew these sleeves on and the hem.

It worked on this pants seam...

I have more than one Pfaff, but I put off taking themto have them cleaned and realigned...

Remember I sew at about 80 miles an hour everyday and night and well, frankly I am  not good on machines...sewing-cars-anything as Well, full calendar...no time to stop.

Just made this for my little grandson

had to do a lot by hand when the machine stopped....

I have more than one machine, but I burn them up and wear them out and throw them in the floor and pick up another one...until...... I got none..

NOT Exactly true...

I have half of these cut out and they are a quick sew if the machine keeps working.


I have a stinky little machine that I can barely make sew straight stitches... bottom of the line plastic kind... BUT, I will make it work, because

I am working until the end of November and then I will be going by the sewing machine doctor that works on Pfaff machines.

Not many good Pfaff doctors around.

Yes, they are 30 years old when they were top of the line... and I bought them used...and I have all the embroidery discs..so I am slow to part with them.

Then I have the lining to cut out of Black satin Sunback...  and I will sew it into

I am dreaming of a new one...sooo maybe if I work hard enough to deserve one that I have in my sights.  Gstreet sells Bernina.  There is a Bernette model that has the built in walking foot and all the software with it on sale .. still not chump change.   BUT  I do deserve it.... and a new car ...hahaha... but that isnt happening.  Well we will see.   I will most likely be working tomorrow Saturday 2-7:30, if you want to see.


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