Easy Braided Edge Polar Fleece No Sew Blanket and Pillow


Please Press the crease out of your polar Fleece at the flat piece stage-Much Easier 

Also, this could have used a 16 inch pillow insert, instead of a 14 inch and there would not be a fold in the corner

Pillow square size minus the part we will use for fringe braid.

On this braid, we are using cut out a 2 inch square at each corner, because our fringe to braid will be 2 inches long. 

A Ruler of some type is useful, or use the grid on the edge of your self healing mat which you use under a rotary cutter.  This fringe I just cut in 2 inches at 1 inch intervals.  On the blanket, I may try a wider fringe edge.

After cutting out the 2 inch square from corners, then cut fringe and the fold up each fringe and snip in the center.  Do not make the snip too big.  Just a snip big enough to pull the next fringe piece over through.

You will snip both pieces of fringe in the center. And when you pull through you are doing both pieces at the same time

Start from the right to left direction and then after putting the insert in you can finish off at the 4th side with the insert in.  Tack the last piece together.  If you want a zipper in, I suggest you fringe it-tack it- then slice the end and side you want the zipper in and then put the zipper in without the insert in.


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