Comparing Polar Fleece Blankets and Pillow Edges


Here are three types of fringes on Polar Fleece Toss Pillows-

All three of these pillows are NO SEW, but lots of cutting-Need sharp scissors or Rotary Cutter

1. short fringe, pull through-I used a seam ripper for little hole-regular square hypoallergenic pillow insert from inch

I cut the squares for each side 15 +4 and 4=19 inch

The fringe was 5 inches in on all sides leaving.

2. was a 12 x 6 round lumbar regular insert.  This one is regular knotted fringe

3. was a 12 x6 rectangular lumbar.  This one was a long pull through to give a braided long woven edge all around of the contrasting side color.

Your cover material will be the fringe length x 2 plus the size of the pillow insert minus 2, so the insert will fill out the material to the fringe.


This is a Fringer tool, it has slots for rotary cutters.  Not Necessary, but if you are going to make a lot of blankets with long fringes to tie-this is very helpful and makes the fringes uniform.  Without this tool, I tend to make some of the fringe ties uneven.  You can buy this at


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