Meetup 15 Short coat Simple but warm

Loving Everything about this Coat

Love Everything about this coat
Cuff end sleeves
Fur lined pockets
Sunback Coat lining
Microfiber Suede accents
Suede Elbow Patches
Toggle front Buttons

Accessory Fur Scarf with muff pocket ends for Blustery cold mornings

The finished jacket has black suede elbow patches and black leather triangle loop toggles

I am loving the fabric on this jacket and originally, I was not going to line it, but I am lining it with Black sunback Satin fleece backed coat lining, because I will want to wear it lots.

I also made a long furry scarf to throw over my shoulder.

On the black and white one, I used black microfiber suede for the pockets and turned a piece of the same shape of the fur facing in so it would make them extra warm for my hands.

I made the lapels regular but cut an extra piece of microfiber suede and attached it to the lapel piece for the black accent.

I bought regular cuffs at work and just stitched them on so I would have a slouched bulkie sleeve from the wrist up.  I did have a little trouble placing the sleeve patches in the right place.  I can use the placing on the black and white for the ones on the eyelash fabric, because the work has been done.

 Simple short coat with lapels.
This needs more fabric than maybe my stash pieces have, so I will
probably supplement with some suede or Pleather Trim

Samples of things to supplement the coat fabric with.
I got some pleather as this sample to use for the lapels on the eyelash.  I like the cuffs so much on the black and white, I am now searching for the right color cuffs for the eyelash fabric color.

I will have to layout and cut to determine what I might need to make up the difference.

Eyelash fabric found in the 2.97 'Treasure Hunt' Room

Something I found for Lining, but then I found a silkfaced brocade remnant I am going to line it with, but still not sure about the lapels, I found the right color cuffs, but not the right color suede for the lapels and I don't think the eyelash fabric is soft against my cheek.

Pleather too light and it would be cold against my cheek when it is cold out.

I did find a fur piece I had laying here as a back for one of my chairs, but it seems to match, so I might use it.  So again the cuffs, toggles in either the light brown or dark brown, the fur or suede for the lapels, and the same thing about patches.  The lining will be fancy, so maybe the light suede patches and the light suede lapels or... the luscious fur.  Idecided fur but light toggles and cuffs but dark brown elbow patches.

Lovely plush fur found in $2.97.

I added black embellishments to enhance the fur, and tone down the busy print.
When doing the front I folded out the lapel shape, but left the armhole side as it was.  All lines matched up easily.

When cutting out the plush fur, I fold the fur in and pin the pieces on.  This causes less mess and also easier to cut pattern pieces more precise.  The piece on the side is the lapel piece that is the facing and front showing lapel.  This piece will be fur, but also, be covered by the suede, so it will have a black lapel front.

I have laid the pattern view with inset sleeves over top of the pattern view with the lapels, so I can have setin sleeves. View C front over View B just for the arm hole and View C back over View B back.

I covered the fur pockets with suede and the fur lapel piece with suede, and I have the suede elbow patches pinned on.
I hung it to see if I like it...

Originally I was only going to do it unlined, but I like it sooo much, I am going to line it with Sunback Lining, which is Satin coat lining with a light fleece backing for insulation.  At this stage I have topstitched one side of the front lapel and I have to do the other and put the pockets in the side seam...I slipped up and did the side seams before I put the pockets on (I don't read instructions, I just glance at it and then start having visions, LOL) Then it needs to be hemmed and Leather toggles put on.

The sweater top is cut out, but not sewn yet, and then I have to pull out my polazzo pants pattern that I used before that I love the way it hangs and it has pockets.

Top is cut out as Sweater top with Turtle Neck like the meetup pink one.

 Cant wait, but first got to do the 2 year olds embroidered and quilted minky blanket and mail it.

Accompanying fabrics

Something to make a wild scarf to contrast with the black and white.

Enough to make a wild dress too???


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