Simple Sleeveless Dress

 A Simple Sleeveless Dress-Quick and Easy

The above dress is Sport Lycra-same as a bathing suit

I have made many of these dresses out of Matte Jersey Also

My kayaking outfits are Sport Lycra, but for a simple throw over your head boatneck style swimsuit coverup, the same style in a light matte jersey is terrific.

Favorite Pattern

Good for simple dress or Tank Top

Sometimes I do a bias strip around the neckline and sleeve holes, but many times I just grab some fabric and make a quick pretty dress out of stash fabric and wear with one of my freeflowing jackets

The neckline and sleeve edge is just turned under and topstitched.

The hem is just turned under 1/2 inch twice and topstitched.

The longest thing is cutting it out, and that doesn't take long.

A Tie Jacket like this is quick and easy and just lite matte jersey with edges turned under and topstitched.  Great to pack in case you have a cool night on vacation.


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