Meetup 6 Long Hoodie Coverup Robe

 Long Hoodie Coverup Robe Meetup 6

Okay, I am thinking I will line the Hoodie and front lapels with the same fabric.  The pattern actually called for 2 sided or reversible fabric, but I only wanted lightweight so it would be good as a chilly beach coverup, or too chill indoors robe.

Side pockets were good.

You can see the difference where I have taken the leftover fleece and lined the inside of the hood and down to the lapels so it looks nice and feels nice when the hood is on or laying flat.  Makes a big difference, in looking home made or not.

Matching dress and cardigan fabrics

Front kimono type edging is lined with flat batting I had handy to keep edges still soft and cozy but flexible.  That worked!

With Accessories-Infinity Scarf and Earrings
Lush and Cozy-So lightweight and soft
Hoodie I put a cord in that I had laying around from facemask hangers and added a lock toggle I purchased from Gstreetfabrics.

I purchased 4 pairs of toggles in different colors to keep me on a roll with the hoodie thing.  Doing Cashmere colored ribknit and a camouflage print that matches one of my bathing suits.  The others will all be with set in sleeves, as I like that type of shoulder better.

I happen to have these brown leather loop sets, as I used them on a coat I made and bought enough to do either colors.

Toggles and leather button sets came from GStreetFabrics.
Fabric came from the "Treasure Hunt Room" at 2.97 a yard.  I bought the camo fabric from there also and the ribknit.  Great Fabrics at a Great Price.  So soft and so cozy and great looks.

It will feel very KittyCouture when I wear my Long Hoodie with my
cashmere look sweater dress with cowlneckline and My cardigan all in the same family of colors.  Earrings of each color for different choices of accessories.

Labor Day Weekend sale where all the rest of our notions and fabrics will be 25% off.  Look for calendar holidays to get great deals.  Federal Holiday on a Monday--- Sale Thursday through that Monday---Load up on your regular priced fabrics with 25% off and thread and buttons also..... But-Great fabrics every day.


This Coverup is using New Look 6585

1.  Lay out your pattern pieces you are using.  This pattern will use a Front which is one piece with the hood part, but it has it in two pieces you will have to put together at the circles to give it the full length.  I suggest if you are using a lightweight one side fabric, to make the lapels look good and the open hoodie, cut a piece of the same fabric from the top of the hoodie piece on the pattern to where your bottom edge of your lapels will show when folded back.  This will save a lot of hand sewing time ,because you can put them together and when you fold back the edge to create the kimono type edge it will fold over the lining of the hood and save time.  Then I hand long stitched the seam of the hoodie in the center to hold the hoodie and lining together nicely.

2.  You will just join the pattern pieces at the circles and lay it on the fabric you are cutting.  Match your measurements to the pattern and the length of the pattern piece to where you want the coverup to end.  Measure the length to the piece length and add enough for a hem.  I just used a small half inch with an edge turn under and topstitched to hem.

You will have a front piece with hood attached and attached to the bottom of front at circles

A back piece placed on the fold

3.  2 sleeve pieces, as many coat sleeves have a seam down the middle to give more flexibility to the sleeve shape.  On these sleeves I put batting in the cuff, just like the front edge of the coverup.

Everything is a test, and it looked like the batting would be nice soft and cozy, but give stability to the front edge.

This piece of leftover batting looked like it would work well.

It is electric and very fast cutting.  Accurate when I am not when half asleep.
I have an Accuquilt cutter for quick cutting fixes, I made need.  Remember I work 10 hours a day, so I am very tired when I am sewing in the night.

This is the cutting mat, I just lay the leftover batting on, and blades cut the strips for me.

I ended up with long pieces all the same width and then I piece the batting together to the correct length to lay in the front edge to create a padded band.

Here I am piecing the batting together using a stitch on my sewing machine that will attach the ends flatly to extend them to the proper length
This stitch works well when attaching batting to make it bigger when you have piecing.  It sews them together well, but it lays flatly inside whatever you are doing as if one big piece.

Only 4 pieces to layout and cut...quick and easy.

Sewing is really just straight seams except for the hoodie.  When you sew it, I did-put the batting in the edging... Top Stitched.  Lay the cording in the front edge of the hoodie and stitch before and after the cord insert so you could pull the cord.  Put the cord lock on the cord so it wouldn't get lost in the hoodie cap while I did the rest of the cover up. 

sew the pocket piece onto the back at the clipped dots and circles where the pattern had pocket placing marked and sew it onto the front side seams where the circles and dots are clipped.

You will have a back piece with pocket side flaps, and 2 front pieces with pocket side flaps.  I have already sewn the sleeve piece onto the back and the sleeve pieces onto the front.

When you pin the front to the back you will sew the sleeve top seam and the sleeve bottom seam will go all the way from the end bottom to the side around the pocket piece and down to the bottom of the cover up. 

Here I put a pillow in the hoodie part to check how it would look on my head.  Periodically when sewing something I will hang it and look at it to keep me going.

Your back piece at the neckline will have to be eased onto the opening at the bottom of the hoody because it is part of the front piece.  When you sew the hoodie together down the middle that gives you a center to match to the center of the back piece top.
ON My Hoodie attachment I matched the center and folded the difference at the hoodie to a tiny box fold so it would match the seam length of the back piece neck.  Then it would lay flat when not on my head.

I also try it on when it has its side seams sewn to encourage me to finish and to see if there is anything I want to change or add to the piece I am doing.

I did finish the inside seams with a closed zigzag imitating a satin stitch on all the edges trimmed at a quarter inch seam.

 When you sew down the side of the side seams you will stop at the clip and sew around the pocket piece and come back in and finish the seam down to the hem.

Bottom hem about 1/2 inch  turned up over the front edge interfaced with batting and topstitched.  I did the same fold up over batting on the end of the sleeves and gave it a nice professional look.   I so love the pockets on this and the softness of the fabric.   I probably will hit the Treasure Hunt Room for another print or color in the same type of lightweight fabric.  You may see me wearing this with the cashmere type sweater dress.  Look for that blog on this SewAlong for a nice Total Outfit that I love doing to wear to work.  Why not be beautiful and Comfy at YOUR job?

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You can see past meetups when you join by looking at our groups events-hit past- and this one is meetup 6.... there are 15 projects that you can review and be inspired by (I Hope).  I do so love sewing and the satisfaction that it brings.

All on line ideas with pictures and further details on a blog to hel you  become Inspired

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