Meetup 7 Accessorizing Your Total Outfits


No One wants to Wear a mask, But why not have fun with it!

We sell a variety of chains by the yard... great to add to a jacket front pocket or purse as handle or just a little drape of a tiny chain.

Don't forget earrings-dangly chains are great with a matching necklace chain... you go girl!... well, anyone, for that matter.

In this pic, I used leftover fabric to make a purse to match a tote bag and a coat.

I wear a mask, my mom is 99 and I live at her house.

My masks have elastic ear loops, whatever I have handy, nicer if softer elastic and big, then an adjustable button to make it tight or loose.

When I make them I also make a second casing on the sides where the ear elastic is so I can put a neck hanger if I want to.

This is from the original hospital posting of how to make a facemask.

This is a semblance of the masks I make, but I use a second row of stitching next to where the elastic is through on this picture, so  the fold in is a bit bigger.  The filter pocket is shaped like this on the inside, but I make two and sew them together and flip them.  This means that my facemasks have 2 layers where the filter pocket is and a third layer is the front of the mask.  

one of my masks above

Facemask pieces

Front cut 2

Sides lining cut 2 muslin

Front mask lining filter cover or just 2 layer lining cut 4


Front outside pieces (usually print or designed fabric) cut 2

I use 200 count muslin for the inside that is against my face.  It is soft and silky feel, and prewashed so it won't shrink when I wash the masks.

Many times I take a mask that I find I am not using and put the fabric of an outfit that I am making over top of it and topstitch - so that is the fourth layer in front of my face.  The top edge of the masks I make a casing by topstitching and slipping a nose support in so that it will stay securely bent over my nose.  so my supplies for making masks, are .

The floral gauge wire is not necessary if you have the plastic nose insert, but I talk all day long and I like my masks to be securely shaped above my nose

I do keep a few masks hanging with my earrings, to grab as I go to work.


Easiest is buy a large pack of hair rubbers and make your fabric a fold over piece twice as long as the rubber is long and that will give you fullness, foldover topstitch and then when you come the ends of the tube of fabric turn it in and slipstitch together.  Quick and easy.  I wear a ponytail, when not at work.

Scarves, I use Infinity scarves that I make long when I just want the look of something accessory, or a wide infinity that is not as long that when I twist and put over my head, looks like a Cowl neck on the dress.  Regular scarves, I make how I feel at the moment.  

This is a fur Jacket I made, and it was so soft I used the leftover to make a scarf and took a wooden bracelet to hold it together below the neckline.... Soo soft and warm

accessorized with a purse and reused an old zipper from an old purse and made a strap with some leftover vinyl from a tote and D-rings to attach and make adjustable strap.

These are just fur squares to stick my hands in with the fingerholes cut out so I can drive.....I don't like to be cold!

Link below for making this coat and pattern

Long and straight end, or slanted end, tubes, that I just leave an opening and the middle so I can turn inside out and press with an iron to give a finished professional look.

Long straight scarf  and an infinity scarf to look like a cowl neck on a sweater dress.  This was very lightweight material.

small infinity scarf

slanted end scarf

Embellished tied scarves

Pins are great for accents on scarves

Layering scarves in different lengths or widths

Make a cardigan and then make detachable fur trim for collar and cuffs

Put snaps on the under edge of the cardigan and the other side of snaps on the fur trim

This was actually a cardigan and a pullover top.

All the sweater fabric I got out of the 'Treasure Hunt' Room at 2.97, The fur I bought a quarter yard, and it is 5 feet wide, so that is a lot of fur trim.

Put elastic in the fur cuffs to slide on over regular sweater cuffs.

LEFTOVER FABRIC CAN BE GREAT POCKET EDGE TRIM, to make your outfit truly YOUR COUTURE outfit of your own!

I am always wearing KITTYCOUTURE...why not be fabulous.


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