Meetup 4 FreeFlowing Jackets for Satisfied Sewists at GStreetFabrics

                             FreeFlowing Jackets   Quick and Easy

Can be made from Chiffon for light and flowy or even make the long length and have a semi-asymmetrical CoatDress Jacket

I shorten this jacket pattern by about 4-5 inches.  This places the jacket in the back to just below the hip line.

These jackets can be used as bathing suit coverups or just as
 accents to outfits.

We have current Pattern Books for Vogue and McCalls at

We are following this pattern at the moment, but you can use this by straightening the front edge and the lower level to square and make
cardigans out of sweater fabric etc.  Makes a great basis for making basic jackets without complication.

This is a Vintage Pattern, but

You can always buy vintage patterns or past season patterns by searching by company and pattern number or just putting in a style and you will get many choices on Ebay or Etsy or Amazon.  Make sure they are uncut-they may say used, but then in the body they will say uncut and then check your shipping time.  I love all parts of this pattern.  Great for linen,and I have made all parts of this one.

Cut 1 on fold
Your Back pattern piece is placed on the fold
If wider than your fabric width just narrow front line at same angle
Front Pattern Piece Cut 2
Cut 2
Sleeve pattern piece remember put on the material in the same direction as your Jacket Front or it may look different in color because of nap or directional pattern print.

These sleeves are silk of the same color as the burnout silk I bought on sale, but not quite enough for sleeves.   I got a silk that was the same colors to do the sleeves.

These sleeves were the right color, but I did not like the two different fabrics look, so I bought some light green chiffon that matched the color of the pants and top I had just made.
I cut out a sleeve but widened the sides and lengthened the bottom, to make over sleeves.  I sewed them together and then slipped them over the existing sleeve, and sewed on the seamline where the sleeves were attached.   I then satin close stitched the end of the chiffon, and put a wrist size piece of quarter inch elastic in a folded over casing about 3 inches up from the edge.
I really liked the look and feel of this sleeve.

These sleeves really added a flair to the jacket and made it unique.

I had a leftover side piece from all three fabrics, jacket, silk sleeve, and chiffon sleeve, so I made scarves of each to intertwine when wearing with the outfit.

Here is the finished jacket with the accessorizing of the scarves.  I also had earrings of the jacket fabric.

Here we have the total outfit with the meetup 2 and Bonus top,
This made a wonderful summer feeling light and airy outfit.

I store all my outfits on a velvet covered hanger with all matching pieces together.  Random scarves are on Scarf Hangers.

I like to sew the sleeves together first.  I have already marked things to the length I like if I have sewn before.  I sew the sleeve together and then I sew the hem by turning under twice 1/4 to 3/8 inch doubled and just topstitch.  It makes me feel like I am making progress.
 Then I sew the front top edge together and sew around the jacket hem.
Then I sew the back piece in and then I am ready for the sleeves to put into the sleeve opening.
It makes it really quick for me.  
The cutting takes the longest and I cut in Multiples.

With that said-I made these three after:

Azaleas in Bloom

Butterflies on Fuschia Bush

Beach Mandevilla


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