Meetup 2 Bonus Crop Top to match Pants with pockets


I am doing a quick crop top from the extra fabric from the pants.

It was from the 2.97 'Treasure Hunt'  Room so I said I will take all.... Now I am using it all.

There are 4 pieces to this top.  A front and back piece and two lining pieces.
Only have 4 pieces   Pattern piece for back place on fold and
Pattern piece for lining place on fold

Pattern piece for Front place on Fold and Front lining place on fold

This is showing the Front Piece cut out and the lining piece cut out and there is a pin at the dart point on both sides of front and then I clip the dots where the fold is on the side seam.  This is quick and easy for me to just fold and sew.  Here the pieces are laid together and ready to sew.  Actually I press them well before sewing

This is the back piece with the lining piece laid on top the way it will be sewn.  Clips at all dots.  This is sewn at seam lines but stopped at dots at top shoulder so when you flip, you can open the shoulder top to sew the front to the back.  It takes longer to blog this to than it takes to make it.

Pressed, sewn clipped ready to flip and press shoulders

Flipped and pressed

Quick to sew and match a pair of pants-slip on and wear your new outfit to work

I loved this little short top that is non-stretch.  I made it out of the leftovers of the green pants with pockets material.  It was quick and easy and I was able to make it and wear it to work with the pants and I made the Free-Flowing Jacket of Meetup 3 and wore it with the outfit


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