Sewalongwithkitty-Simple Rod Pocket Curtains

 The Sheers

Three times the rod width for Volume

Rod 47 plus 2 inch return to the wall =51  and 2 1/2 inch turn unders on the sheer panel.  It will be just one panel... width of sheer batiste fabric is 118, so can just make one panel of 1 width and the yardage is the length of the curtain plus turn under at top (4 inches) and the hem which is just a double 2 or 4 inches for the hem.

The curtains we are making 63 finished so the sheer should be shorter, I will use 60 finished , so that will be 60 +4 top + 4 hem... so 68 will be the cut for the sheers and just one panel should be enough for each window.. 

This is alcove curtain with 1 width of sheer.

Alcove Window with additional half panel

Simple Rod Pocket Curtains

1. Establish the width and length.
If you want to be able to open your curtains so the full width of your window is exposed, your rod needs to be 10 inches beyond the window frame on each side.   If you are going to put a valance above your curtains than you need to put the rod up higher than the window so the valance doesn't cut into your window view.  

There is no stackback on these rods, so the window will always be blocked on the sides.

The measure of the window is 47 x 47... It looks like the rod is about 3 inches above the window and the drop below the window should be about 10 inches and then the sheers will be about 3 inches shorter than the curtains.   The lining of the regular curtains will be about 2 inches shorter but will still be behind the hem.  We are going to make the hem double 3-

This Picture is 1 panel small hemmed sides on 118 width sheer fabric (Batiste)

This is after adding the additional half panel-This is the fullness I want on the sheer.  When Blackout curtains are opened will let the sunlight in without the view inside the bedroom.  After adding the half panel to the other window ready to do the curtains.

This is the Theme Forest Keepers and Mushrooms?

Blackout fabric sewn on the back.. Made the lining 1 inch smaller on each side-sew down the sides right side together  and then sew accross the top and flip.  This gives you fabric on each side on the wrong side so that your curtain lining does not show.
One half curtain is done except for the top stitching at the top.  I have to find a bobbin.  Remember I am at the baby's house using someone elses sewing machine and someone elses thread.  This is a sewing adventure.

Once I sew the top and hang I will have my exact length of everything to machine sew all the hems in.  The sheers will have a 3 inch double hem and will come to 2 inch shorter than the regular curtain.  The regular curtain will have a double three inch hem and all will come to below the baseboard of the window trim.

By doing it this way, and hanging one first, I will get the exact length of all to the look I want on all the windows in this room.

When the curtains are closed the blackout lining will make it movie theatre dark for the new baby.  The mushrooms and forestkeepers will show on the curtains because they are less full.  If momma wants tie backs I will make them with the leftover fabric and she can tie them back when the kids are playing in the room.

The sheer material is from
and is Batiste sheer 118 wide.  I used them the width and added 1/2 a width to make them 3 x the window width.  The pictures are showing 2.5 times the width before I add the second panels.

This second window has no room for stackback, so we will make both pairs of curtains the same size.
When the curtains are a rodpocket you can make them less full or more as you want.  We are going to make one pair and then proceed to making the second pair the same.

Here we are working with an already installed double rod.  So, we are going to work with the width of the rod and put the curtains below the window.  When making sheers the sheers are usually 3 times the rod width so they are not so see through and will let the sunshine in when the curtains are open.  They will be a couple of inches shorter than the regular curtains.  This is a nursery, so we are lining them with blackout lining or it may be called eclipse lining.  This lets no sunshine in until the baby gets bigger.  Then you can use the sheers and curtains, but have the blinds closed so you have privacy but see the sun come up.

In this case, we had the design printed on cotton, so we had to prewash the fabric before making so the design was colorfast.  

The rod is 47 x 2.5 = 117.5 divided by pre shrunk 40 inches = 2.9375  so we need 3 widths of the curtain fabric per window.  

The actual size will be a little smaller by the seams, which I will use one half inch(total 1 inch) french finished seams and the side hems will go in 1 inch on each side so that will be 4 inches+1 inch.= 120 - 5=  115 window coverage=2.44 so almost 2.5 coverage.

This is the kind of french seam I use on draperies when pieced together and linings before I sew the two together.  Stitch tightly down if doing rod pockets so that when you make the pocket seams don't catch on the rod when sliding in.  In this case the Blackout will face the curtain before you make the rod pocket so there will be no outward seaming to catch on the rod.  And to make it all double the work.  I changed my mind about the fullness because I want the mushrooms and little forest keeper guys to show(I think).  Once again I will be able to tell when I hang the first panel.  If I do one width on each side of the curtain, the mushrooms and forest keepers will show better.  The accessories are little mushroom lights above the curtains and stuffed mushrooms on mushroom shelves.

This is test for look and hems... tiebacks etc.  Optional to tie back and then let drop when you want the room blackout dark.
This is one window test before hemming and tieback hooks.

Tomorrow will do the other pair, they are laid out and hem all by machine.. and iron side and bottom hems...

Done except for Hems

Done except for hems
Leftovers enough to do Bassinet Skirt to match room

Here are the room darkening rod pocket curtains closed pinned to iron and then hand hem... the blindstitch sewing machine foot could not be found.
The Black hook is to open and shut all the rod pocket curtains without having to climb over things and pull on them.

Bassinet skirt is ready for a ruffle around the bottom...didn't have any elastic, so I made the skirt have a casing with a drawstring from some facemask cording I had in a bag in the car.

The bone rings came to sew on the tie backs and the cup hooks to put in the sides of the window frame came, so those will be things I am working on.  Hopefully one set tonight and one set tomorrow will be done, because I am going back to work on Sunday.
Slight set back... 
Everly decided to move in before the curtains were made...LOL and now Dad thinks maybe Elijah should have the mushroom room?  haha.... We will see by the end of the week.  
Mushroom shelves

                      Mushroom Mini Lights

Mushroom Family Stuffed? Is this too much?! LOL

French Seams are seams where you will put the wrong sides together first and then flip and sew the right sides together so the seams are finished when you look at them.   I use the French seams on Draperies and Curtains and Linings.

Mushroom room got seal of approval from Everly-slept in room 2 nights... I think she approves!

Little mushroom nightlight comes on when light goes out.  Also found on Amazon

This mushroom light is squishy and safe for grabbing by 1 year old brother..and you can change the colors with a remote... AHHH


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