Making a Room Divider with Fabric and Cardboard

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Everything I do is not always sewing as you could see from my Polar Fleece edging blog.  Now I am sewing today, but I am planning a room divider.  I really don't lift heavy things, but I have a doorway that is just a hole to under the stairs where I store things.  I want to put a room divider there.

A.  I can't find anything I like.

B.  They are probably heavy.

So  I am going to put random pieces of cardboard together to the size I want and then cover it with Library fabric that looks like books on shelves.  This has been something I have been searching for and have not been able to find for a month or two.  So I decided to make one.

Sew, I am posting a picture of the divider I fashioned.  It is actually attached to a hanger so that it can be rotated to go into the storage space under the stair.  There is no electrical light, so I managed to find some motion detector lights on amazon that I could stick on the sides and under a stair back and when I rotate the divider and put my arm in the lights come on. I have a cart on wheels in there and some sewing and craft supplies plus additional clothing, like scarves that I may want to use at times.  I love this addition.  It makes me feel like a I have a room instead of a corner of the cellar.

As you can see I have no real closet so I use wreath hangers on the top ledge of the cinderblock walls to hang miscellaneous outfits- such as jacket-pants-scarf-dress-tank-scrunchie that all match on one hanger and stack maybe 10 outfits per wreath hanger.  Then I have some wall spool hangers and miscellaneous grandchildren and children pcs plus inspirational sayings.  I actually love my space, but no windows, so there is only artificial light, which is a drawback to seeing true colors.

I really only need to make it to cover the door way and if it is lightweight I can just move it aside and into the storage area when I go in or out, which is not very often.  Maybe 8 ft high and then about 1 ft rectangle of space above.

I ordered the fabric.  The plan is to make this and then measure the hole above the divider door way and then make a stained glass window for above the doorway.   This will make me very happy when I wake up in the morning.  This is part of my organizational plan for my little living space.  

As you can see my little space is just cinderblock walls, but I have used wreath hangers to devise a way to hang multiple outfits on one wreath hanger from above the cinderblock walls, and miscellaneous guitars etc.   The hole under the stairs was just annoying me.

I think I have enough supplies to make this with stuff I have out in the garage.   I used to do stained glass, but haven't in years.

Just a plan right now.  I am going to ride my exercise bike... then take a hot bath and then sew a few things......   Happy planning

My sewing writing corner of my roomspace.  That is the space under the stairs that I am covering.  Didn't like looking into a black hole...

I quite like my tiny all in one space. --- Back to sewing

This makes me happy... when I look up...

Create something special  can just be simple....Happy Sewing


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