Easy Tie Jacket with bathing suit and Coverup-Details Meetup 5

Materials from GSTREETFABRICS-St Matte Jersey for Jacket and Dress and Spandex for One Piece Bathing Suit

The Tie Jacket in the other pattern will be the red.
Both are Stretch matte jersey.

Someone gave me some Jade and red stone jewelry, so I had to buy fabric so I could use the jewelry.

This Tie Jacket from  McCalls M6559

The Jacket-view B is only Front and Back with sleeves Piece
So we are working with 3 pieces

Long Jacket B View is MY preferance-shrug is cut too.
I will make B if I have enough Fabric.

The dress will be the one I like to make best because the arms don't cut in. It will be the sleeveless dress from 2189
This will be the print...

Make the Earrings to Motivate you to do the outfit

Covered Buttons kit to buy from Gstreetfabrics

Instructions on the back of the kit

Make the scarves-Now you have a set - real motivation

Total set of scarves and earrings to motivate you
Jacket Pieces all cut out

Sew your sleeves together so you can feel real progress

Jacket laid out to sew up the sides and shoulders

Just run it under the sewing machine and then try it on the dress on the hanger to motivate you
Exciting enough to make you sew the sleeves on the jacket press and be done with it


Dress is made quick and easy

Front piece cut 2 by having fabric folded over #3

Back piece placed on fold to give the total back piece

Sleeve piece - Fabric came from 2.97 Treasure Hunt Room , all cut out ready to sew and wear with Dress

I will have a session on making accessories out of your scraps.
Earrings, scrunchies and infinity scarves, plus some miscellaneous other things.
Fold over fabric twice lay back piece on top and cut out 2-will be front and back

Lay the front top piece on only one folded over piece and it will 
create the scoop neck.

The same thing to cut out the cornflower blue ribbing, but that will have the sweetheart neckline shape laid on it to create the sweetheart and then the lace laid under that.

This is how I am going to make the sweetheart neckline dress, but I will overlay the sweet heart neckline where the scoop neck is on my quick and easy dresses.

Bathing suit bottom pieces to cut out.  Leaving the space at the top on so bathing suit bottom will come up to waist high

Cut out same two pieces out of white spandex for lining and crotch swimsuit lining fabric 
add elastic in waist and legs tighter than true measurement for a good in the water fit
Layout swimsuit pieces on folds lining up on the print by putting the notches on the same position on the print.

Leave a space in the middle big enough for 2 strap pieces.
Add swimsuit cups to give chest support by sewing to the lining piece before sewing swimsuit top together.  For extra support the top piece can be supported by cutting a piece of powernet to add strength to the lining piece with the cups sewn into the lining so they hit you in the right spot.  Baste, apply to the front of you, until they hit the right spot to support you , then sew the lining to the front of your suit.

I personally do not like things hanging on my neck so I am going to try to take the strap pieces and criss cross them and sew them directly to the back piece, so I am not pulling on my neck.

I am going to make this bathing suit out of some purple spandex I have-from GSTREETFABRICS

I will be using the one piece view but I will make the scoopneck higher and the back higher as in the 2 piece top drop.  I don't need a tan, and I don't want to shorten my life.

This will be a quick suit to make and I will be wearing it with my Freeflowing Jacket of Chiffon and most likely the tank and pants to this custom outfit that is made from sport lycra to go in the water when I pedalboard-My Personally Designed Fabrics

Sunrise Collection at WWW.Kittyscatscratches.com

Or completed outfits can be custom ordered from https://www.Totaloutfits.com

My latest luv of coffee is Vitacup Genius Coffee
It has MCT oil-Turmeric-vitamins in it.

I feel like with coffee I can conquer anything

I made a Lace Cornflower blue FreeFlowing Jacket

There is a pair of tie dye pants hanging under the jacket in this picture.
It is just cornflower blue lace with no other color.

  Now I am cutting out again using the sleeveless dress pattern out of a ribknit in the same blue, but I am going to outline a sweetheart neckline and put a bit of beaded embellished lace I got from Gstreetfabrics.

Remember you can always use parts of one pattern and overlay it on another to create the ideal pattern or style for you

Here it is now:

This is the sweetheart neckline I will use to cut the shape in the  dress and then I will sew the lace under the sweetheart neckline.  Normally, I would use the scallop edge of the beaded embrodery lace to over lap the sweetheart outline, but it was expensive beaded embroider so I have to use it in the width direction, as the scallop ends are not long enough.


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