Meetup 13- One piece ruana wrap, buy- cut- put it on

The trim was just too pretty and crocheted look for me not to put that on the edge.  Wear it down or throw it accross the shoulder.

This kind of loose weave fabric can make fringe just by pulling the strings all the way accross.

 I fringed two sides and left the selvage, but in the end I fringed the whole thing.   I love this fabric, for when I get chilly at work.

1 and 1 half yard makes it a square 54" by 54" - fold over and then cut up the middle.

If you use Our Cashmere wool double sided fabric, you can just cut the fringe into the edge all the way around.  The two color gives a nice effect-I believe.  It is sooo soft and luxurious.

Give a Ruana a try and then just throw it over your shoulder on one side and give it a head toss!😸


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