Meetup 14 - Body curves-Silk faced Brocade Jacket banding green charmeuse body curve dress


Using this Pattern with a few tweeks 


Get out your friend the Iron-whatever you iron on-my case small ironing board and wool pressing mat.  My cardboard grid top to make my bed the sewing table, my pattern and my fabrics.

Organize your area

Our very helpful hams for hard to flat iron places

I love these pin Grabbit magnets.  I have three.   I have a small space, but this allows me to keep one at each corner where I might need to pin something without losing the pins.

Cutting two at a time.  Dresses will be really fast, and I want to wear the green outfit tomorrow.  I am drinking a big cup of coffee for full steam ahead, no pun intended.  But

Yes, it is large-equal to 3 cups of coffee in a normal mug....need this to sew after I get home from work at 8 PM so I can have a new outfit to show you guys at work the next day.

YES I CAN, and so can You!

Motivation - Inspiration and -Persistance

First cutting out two body curve dresses.  I will only sew one-the green one and put the other cut out one next to my sewing machine to sew next gift of time.

I will cut out the dresses and then make the earrings and the scarves... then move on to the jackets.  Cut them out and make the earrings to match them.  I will have at least two pairs of earrings for each outfit.  IF I make earrings and a scarf I am feeling halfway to the coordinated outfit.

Next I will cut out the two dress coats, again, only sewing the green silk brocade.  This is a narrow fabric, so its length will be determined by the amount of fabric I have.  If I have enough I will make it long, but it is only 30 inches wide, so I may only be able to do a short one.

I would like to use the dark green for the trim, but I think I only have enough for the pair of pants, not the trim.  Remember I think TOTAL OUTFITS at all times.

The amount of fabric in your stash, sometimes dictates your creations.

I will post the pictures at each step!

I decided to cut out the pants first so I could see how much of the dark green was left for banding or whatnot.


I then proceeded to lay out the dressfabrics.... ewww, not enough of the burgundy to make the body curve dress., so  maybe do the middle piece in this green and pink brocade and the side pieces in the burgundy fuschia color.... I already have a jacket this color.  I also have some burnout that color...maybe enough for sleeves.

That might be an interesting dress.   BUT.... by the time I was foiled with the lack of enough fabric...I changed midstream and made this sweater to wear to work with my jacket I just made..

Well, you know I like to wear something different everyday, so I whipped up this sweater with long sleeves but simple neckline and made a long tube scarf out of the leftovers.   I wore this with the jacket I had just made from one of my designs--that has the fuschia color in it.... Hanging baskets on my deck that I loved, but no longer have.

I wore this with my bright fuschia pants-sooo fun.
This purple sweater on the hanger is a turtle neck I made previously.   I am starting to feel winter is coming so I am making a lot of sweaters in solid colors or heathers to wear with my pants.  

Right now I need to switch sewing machines, because the one I was sewing on got tired.  It is time for its cleanup and overhaul... I usually do them annually, because I sew everyday, but I have put it off and thrown sewing machine down and pulled the next one up till...OOPS  they all need to go get cleaned and revibed.  My sewing machines are old, but sooo good when I am not bad to them.  I guess I am driving to the sewing Dr. tomorrow.   

Now I have to pull one of the other sewing machines that I don't usually use and see if they are working.  I want to get at least part of this done.  I am off tomorrow. 

Good News, I pulled one of the going to the workshop machines Pfaff 2056 quilters edition and added pieces to it and was able to test it on another FreeFlowingJacket.  So I made this jacket-scarf and earrings... with a hit of pink lilac in the flowers on it, so I guess I have to pause to make the Pinks sweater knit I have here from the 'Treasure Hunt' Room to go with it.  I already have some pink slacks I made previously as I showed you in the first meetup.  The easy elastic pants that I wear to work on most days.  I have them in many many colors-three or four shades of green, two or three shades of blue, red, black.... couldn't even count how many pants I have.   They take 20 minutes to sew and it is only one piece to cut out on folded over fabric that gives you a right and left leg.  

 I just have to press it

The pink sweater 

View B Mock turtle neck


There is a new Bernette out that I am really thinking about.  Cost about the same as the used Pfaffs that I have here and comes with lots of goodies and a matchmaker foot built in (walking foot).  It also has software to download from the internet, more goodies.  /

YES, I have a lot of clothes.  I love sewing.  I used to be a Real Estate Broker.  For 36 years, I would take people out to look at houses and the ladies would always comment on how they liked to see my clothes and fingernails and shoes all matching when they went on appointments with me.  Now, the past 14 years, I just do the fun part.  Dress up  LOL.

Now back to the body curve outfits.


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