Easy prequilted Fabric jacket with bias tape


Moms Jacket came out quite nice!
Just Front, back and sleeves and then add bias tape and frogs.

Been doing a lot of this

My mother is a small, so I got 2 yards and some Wide Double folded bias tape in the package

Reversible pre quilted fabric from G Street Fabrics

I put in Pockets and 

Sew the seams with a wide satin zigzag and cut close.(for those of us, who do not have a serger, but like to be able to see inside without cringing).

Outside edges around jacket and the end of sleeves, foldover double wide bias and top stitch on the edges

Use any pocket piece and cut 4 pieces of same fabric.  Then see where your hand hits comfortably and pin the pocket pieces in the same part of the side seam front pieces and then back pieces, so when you put them together they match.

check the bias tape look on the end of the sleeve before you start to sew it on the jacket

Pin pocket pieces on testing location and look


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