Making simple Outfits 

Yes, that's me.  Always made my clothes even when I was a Real Estate Broker, or a Budget Anyalyst for the Government... Or when I worked at different Banks.  I remember that shirtwaist to this day..That was probably 40 years ago.  Lovely lightweight cotton and I put an elastic casing at the waist so I wouldn't have to make a belt...

That sweatshirt jacket matched perfectly and I just turned under the edges of the front and topstitched.

I have always loved sewing and wearing pretty colors.  I like the control of picking the colors and styles you want.

Make anything and feel so much better after you make it and wear it and say... "I did that!"....

No matter what else might go wrong, I know I can always make an outfit and feel good about myself.

You should too.  


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